Service Kit 11 (MS261, MS362)


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Take care of your machine and it won't let you down!
Regular maintenance preserves your chainsaw and optimizes its performance, reliability and durability . With the Service Kit N ° 11, you can easily maintain your STIHL MS 261 petrol chainsaw yourself .

The Service Kit N ° 11 contains the essentials for the maintenance of your STIHL petrol chainsaw:
HD2 air filter
A spark plug
A strainer

Why regularly replace maintenance parts?
Suitable for all operating conditions, the HD2 air filter captures large particles of dirt on its surface and retains the finest inside. Replacing it therefore effectively protects the engine against dirt and abrasive dust, ensuring better performance and lower fuel consumption.
Changing the spark plug regularly helps maintain optimum engine performance and clean combustion in it.
The strainer (fuel filter) prevents exterior particles from polluting the fuel before it enters the engine. It must therefore also be replaced frequently to protect the engine and preserve it over time.

For optimum performance from your machine, it is recommended that you change the air filter, spark plug and strainer every 100 hours of use.

No room for mistakes : the kit contains original STIHL maintenance parts dedicated to your machine model.

Detachable Cardboard Hook : A detachable cardboard hook is built into the Service Kit packaging to help you easily replace the strainer.

Tips and tutorials : thanks to the QR code on the back of the packaging, find out everything you need to know about Service Kits, as well as video tutorials to replace the filters and the spark plug yourself.

Taking care of your chainsaw has never been easier!