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Here are some excellent, robust and durable pulleys.

Multiply your pulling power by two, three or four times using pulleys. You can also use them to change the trajectory of the rope or the pulling angle! Their oscillating plates eliminate the need to thread the rope and allow them to be installed very quickly. In addition, they prevent the rope from coming out once closed. All our pulleys feature aluminum sheaves (a wheel with gouge) with shafts made to ensure a flawless operation and an efficiency of 98%, all without maintenance.


PCA-1292* PCA-1275 PCA-1283 PCA-1274 PCA-1273
0.66 lb
1.3 lb
2.2 lb
2.4 lb
4 lb
Ø rope up to 3/8'' Ø rope up to 1/2''
Single pulleys Double pulley Single pulley Double pulley
All aluminium Stainless steel side plates and aluminium sheaves
Ø sheave 2-1/2'' Ø sheave 3'' Ø sheave 4''
MBS 50 kN (11,240 lb) MBS 60 kN (13,500 lb) MBS 90 kN (20,230 lb) MBS 135 kN (30,350 lb)