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  • Bobcat® mid-mount mower decks turn your Bobcat compact tractor into a mowing powerhouse, cutting grass in areas where maneuverability is tight.

  • The drive-over deck is easy to quickly attach and remove. The mower features three blades and a 60-inch cutting width to make quick work of large lawns. You can adjust the cutting height from 1 to 4 inches.

  • The mid-mount mower is powered by the mid PTO (power take-off), a secondary PTO that’s optional on some Bobcat tractor models. This PTO is mounted in the middle of the tractor.

  • Operating Weight 170 kg
  • Length 1082 mm
  • Width 1882 mm
  • Rugged Drive-Over Deck: Reinforced 10-Gauge Steel Deck.
  • Compatible With Front-End Loader and Backhoe Attachment: With a mid PTO, you have the option of combining three tools on one machine – one in back, one in front and your mid-mount mower.
  • Mid PTO Required
  • Side Discharge