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RMI 632 P is capable of maintaining a mowing area up to 1 acre (4,000 m2), even slopes and gradients up to 45% will be no match for this reliable robot featuring a 27 cm (11”) hardened mulching blade. Simply program a schedule that works for you… and you’re done! iMow® handles the rest, leaving you to relax and enjoy your consistently manicured lawn. On board rain sensor can be calibrated to your unique needs and built-in sensors will detect and avoid obstacles and impasses. Use the mobile app (iOS or Android) to control and contact your robotic mower any time, anywhere.

**Featured price does not include installation.

Technical data Value
Weight (Including Battery) (lbs) 30
Maximum Grade (Slope) (%) 45
Average Charging Time (mins) 60
Maximum Cutting Height (cm) 6
Average Mowing Duration (per week) (Hours) 50
Battery Capacity (wh) 194
Battery Amp Hours (Ah) 6.8
Maximum Lawn Area m2 / sq ft 5,000 / 53,800
Power (w) 185
Average Run Time (per charge) (mins) 150
Power Cable Length (m) 10
Cutting Width (cm) 28