Cordless Grease Gun Kit


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Ideal For Fast And Easy Greasing of Heavy Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Conveyor Systems, All-Terrain Vehicles, Outdoor Power Equipment, Automobiles And More!

Variable Speed, Lock-On Button

  • Accepts 14.5 oz. grease cartridges or up to 16 oz. of bulk grease
  • Variable speed trigger allows operator to adjust dispensing speed based on application
  • Slow speed mode (Up to 5.0 oz./min. / 145 ml/min) dispenses grease at constant slow speed
  • Auto speed mode maintains steady flow rate (up to 10 oz./min. or 290 ml/min) based on internal pressure of grease chamber (up to 69 MPa or 10,000 PSI) for fast and efficient greasing
  • Lock-on button reduces operator strain and fatigue during periods of prolonged use
  • Pressure relief valve expels grease when internal pressure is exceeded to prevent damage to grease gun
  • Ejection valve bleeds air from grease tube to maintain air pressure and enable effective and efficient greasing
  • 47-1/4" overall length flexible grease hose provides easy access to tight spaces
  • Twin LED job light with independent on/off switch illuminates work area for easy operation in dark spaces
  • Optional 24" (600 mm) grease hose available (part no. 191A80-4) 

Items Included: 18V (Compact) Li-Ion Battery BL1815N (196235-0), Standard Charger (DC18SD), Battery Cover (450128-8), Flexible Hose (191W58-9), Barrel A (191B12-7), Shoulder Harness (166094-6), Tool Bag 21" (821007X)