Bobcat CT1025 Compact Tractor


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The easy-to-operate CT1025 sub-compact tractor packs a lot of power into a small frame size to efficiently mow and complete light-duty projects on your small acreage.

  • Larger than lawn and garden tractors
  • Limited Category 1 three-point hitch for using implements
  • Hydrostatic transmission that offers clutch-free forward and reverse movement
  • Rear and mid-PTO  
  • 25-hp diesel engine
  • Four-wheel drive


Designed for a turkey farmer, the original compact loader was destined to clean small livestock pens and stalls. Ever since, Bobcat® equipment has been a mainstay on ranches, dairies and all kinds of fruit, grain and vegetable operations. Your rural lifestyle is a perfect match for the Bobcat workstyle. The Bobcat lineup of powerful sub-compact tractors has everything you need to make the most of your land. They’re just as tough as our other machines for professional operators, but they’re designed for the work you do most on your property. It takes a lot of work to live the simple life, so get the only tractor tough enough to take on the challenge.



Price Includes CT1025, Loader FL6

**Price Does Not Include Backhoe, Tax, Fright and PDI**

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