Atlas Youth Broll Brace (one size)


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  • Flexible, unbreakable polypropylene shell
  • Tough injection-molded padding
  • Built to ensure enhanced protection along with maximum comfort
  • Designed for effective personal protection
  • Lightweight, breathable, and user-friendly

Fit the Broll around your child, so it sits down on their shoulders. Each back support features what they call Jr Smart Mounts. This upper area of the back support has 2 hidden axle locations, and by switching each axle from the stock position you will move the back supports 8mm, making the size bigger to accommodate a growing child. Choose the axle position that provides a snug fit, and works best for your child.

To use the provided chest strap, fasten the two front vertical straps to the Hook and Loop Fastener bonded on the underside of the foam, then loop the rear vertical strap through the frame and secure the Hook and Loop Fastener tab. To fasten the strap during use, simply use the release clip on the front.