40028202320 - POLYCUT 18-2


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Mowing head with 2 movable plastic blades. Best suited for cutting max. medium-height grass and for the care of lawn edges. Uses less energy than mowing line which makes the PolyCut last for longer on a battery charge. The blades can be changed quickly and without tools. The mowing head can optionally also be filled with thread pieces with a diameter of 2.4 mm.

PolyCut 18-2 – FSA 80, FSA 90, FSA 120, FSA 135, FS-KM

  • Versatile cutting tool for mowing dense grass
  • Mowing head with 2 moveable polymer blades
  • Particularly energy-efficient thanks to the shape of the sturdy polymerblades
  • Mowing head can also be optionally equipped with mowing lines
  • Fast work progress thanks to the large 330 mm mowing circle