Briggs & Stratton Fuel Stabilizer


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Keep your small engine running at peak performance for many seasons to come with Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer for small engines. The super-concentrated 5-in-1 formula offers complete protection against the corrosive effects of ethanol and maintains fuel freshness for up to 36 months.

  • Triple Antioxidant Protection - Keeps fuel fresh for up to 3 years
  • Corrosion Inhibitor - Guards metal engine parts against corrosion
  • Metal De-Activator - Stops chemical reactions caused by dissolved metals in fuel
  • Detergent Ingredients - Prevents gum and varnish build-up on engine parts
  • Water Protection - Inhibitors protect against the harmful effects of water in fuel due to ethanol

Available sizes:
.5 oz (100126) - Treats up to 2.5 gallons
4 oz (100117) - Treats up to 20 gallons
8 oz (100118) - Treats up to 40 gallons
16 oz (100119) - Treats up to 80 gallons

Treats 2 and 4 cycle petrol engines.