120/90-18 IMX30 Hoosier Rear MX


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Tire Size   120/90-18
Tread Width   5.10"
Approximate Circumference   84.875"
Recommended Rim Width   2.15"
Measured Rim Width   2.15"
Section Width   5.10"
Application   250cc & 450cc Rear


Hoosier MX Dirt Bike Rear 120/90-18 IMX30 - 07218IMX30

  • The 120/90-18 is optimal as a rear tire on a 125cc, 250cc and 450cc off-road bike in GNCC
  • The 120/90-18 has an intermediate tread pattern
  • IMX30 compound is great for hard-packed conditions or for the rider that needs a tire with a longer lifespan
  • This tire will increase cornering speed and braking
  • The comfort of the tire will give the rider confidence to decrease lap times
  • Optimal air pressure range is 13-14 psi