60/100-10 MX30 Hoosier Front MX (mini)


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Tire Size   60/100-10
Tread Width   2.75"
Approximate Circumference   48.0"
Recommended Rim Width   1.5"
Measured Rim Width   1.5"
Section Width   2.75"
Compound   MX30
Rated Inflation Psi   18-22
Application   50cc Jr Front



Hoosier MX Dirt Bike Front 60/100-10 MX30 - 07000MX30

  • The 60/100-10 50cc SR front tires are designed with the compound and performance that professional riders are using on the big stages
  • This tire offers low rolling resistance but also offering enough grip to hook up to the dirt to get massive holeshots
  • The optimal air pressures are 18-22 psi
  • Use of rim locks are highly recommended because of the traction provided from racing compounds