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Gas-powered chain saws fit the bill perfectly for the serious homeowner who prefers the features of a professional saw. Comfortable lightweight design, easy starting and excellent power, make a breeze of tasks such as cutting and trimming small trees.

Pole Saws

Pruning at great heights

Pole pruners are perfect for professional tree maintenance. Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly.

Wood Splitters

They’re made to split any logs, anywhere they’re piled up. Because they’re tough-as- nails log splitters, built with durable steel and cast-iron components meant to be taken deep into the woods. Horizontal and vertical splitting positions, easy to use from either side. 27- and 34-ton available


We offer a wide range of tillers and a cultivator to fit your specific needs. Front tine tillers are best suited for smaller landscaping projects like preparing flower beds and small gardens. Rear-tine tillers with powered wheels and counter-rotating tines break up densely packed soil very effectively. For optimum versatility, choose a tiller equipped to both counter rotate for tilling and forward rotate for cultivating.

Trimmers & bush cutters

Grass trimmers, brushcutters and clearing saws quickly tame long grass and undergrowth. These machines can be fitted with the appropriate cutting tool for all jobs from mowing small areas of grass to thinning out overgrown thickets. The models with reduced-emission engine technology produce significantly less exhaust gases than conventional two-stroke engines, giving you increased fuel efficiency and causing less damage to the environment.

Hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers feature reciprocating double-sided blades. The lightweight and high-torque electric motor has the power to get the job done while being quiet enough for neighbourhood use. Characterized by their durability and geared towards continuous use, their technical refinements take the strain out of your work. With state-of-the-art blade symmetry, they are ideal for trimming tough or woody hedges.


You like to be prepared. From a hurricane to a snowstorm, a tailgating party to a construction site – you want the power on. Our generators have seen it all, including the harshest conditions in the most critical situations, and have delivered time and time again. Whether it's restoring power to your home after a power outage, getting that job done out in the backyard or on the job site or keeping things comfortable on your next outdoor adventure, there's a portable generator that's just right for your needs.

Leaf blowers

High-performance hand-held blowers help you eliminate wet layers of leaves and tackle clippings, small branches,grass, cobwebs, sand, and other debris. The blowers are ergonomically designed, easy to operate and very easy to start. They are a powerful tool for any kind of clean up.

CHOP saws

Power cutters with tomorrow's technology

Cutting hard, solid materials like asphalt, stone or concrete can be a demanding task. Rely on one of our many power cutters to get the job done with a powerful output and minimal effort.

gas drills

Lightweight handheld gas drills feature a two-speed gearbox with reverse gear, throttle lock and a quick release keyless chuck. Ergonomic design makes it easy to operate, and the optional core drilling kit makes it adaptable to many applications.


From timber harvesting, to routine tree care, to occasional use on the farm, professional chainsaws set the standard. Our chainsaws deliver the power, performance, and ergonomic design to meet the needs of demanding professionals and homeowners alike.

Larger selection of products are in our showroom, come visit us!

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    9 Greenview Drive  |  Hanwell, NB

506.472.7772  |  Info@yardgear.ca

1-844-973-GEAR (4327)

9 Greenview Drive  |  Hanwell, NB

9 Greenview Drive  |  Hanwell, NB