SEA 20 battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner


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Designed for home users, the SEA 20 battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful on the market . Very versatile thanks to the many accessories included, it can effectively vacuum small dry surfaces such as the interior of the car, the garage, the DIY workshop, the balcony... right down to the smallest corners. With its attractive price and low noise level, it is ideal for individuals or as first equipment.
  • Versatile : the SEA 20 comes with 2 nozzles to cover the most diverse applications: a flat nozzle for joints and a universal nozzle with removable brush for larger dirt. An extension hose and a 50 cm suction hose complete the assortment.
  • Ergonomic : light and compact, it has a lockable trigger for continuous operation without fatigue.
  • Convenient storage : the SEA 20 can be stored directly in its carry bag or using the included wall hanging system.
  • Efficient : the two-level filter system (filtered basket and paper filter) provides excellent filtration performance.
  • LED display : The LED display allows you to see the battery charge status at a glance, at the touch of a button.
  • Connected : the SEA 20 is compatible with the Smart Connector 1.
  • Easy to maintain : the compartment is removable for easy cleaning, and the filters are easy to empty and reinstall.